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Print Scanning

we scan up to 20x30

Print ScanningPrint Scanning

Print scanning is the darkroom of the past.  Memories made before the invention of digital photography are not abandoned.  Images; that have been faithfully printed through the years can be transformed into a digital file through our print scanning services. We use professional-grade scanners that have the ability to scan prints up to 11″x17″. After scanning, the high resolution  images are burned to a CD. These CD’s can be used for viewing on a computer or printing.  All work is done by hand, one at a time, using the best scanning equipment available today.

After scanning, our skilled artists can often times restore your images to new.  We can print onto a variety paper surfaces and sizes. Our Ultra Smooth Fine Art paper can give a look and feel of old fiber based photos.

Original SizeResolution12-2021-100100+Max Sizefile size at 5x7
up to 5x7300 DPI$4.00$3.75$3.25$2.7510x149 MB
up to 5x7600 DPI$6.00$5.50$5.00$4.0020x2836 MB

Original SizeResolution12-2021-100100+Max Sizefile size at8x10
up to 8x10300 DPI$12.00$11.00$10.00$9.0016x2020 MB
up to 8x10600 DPI$20.00$19.00$18.00$17.0032x4082 MB

Original SizeResolution12-2021-100100+Max Sizefile size at 11x17
up to 11x17300 DPI$12.00$11.00$10.00$9.0022x3459 MB
up to 11x17600 DPI$20.00$19.00$18.00$17.0044x68238 MB

  • Files saved as JPegs.
  • Files sizes are uncompressed.
  • Pixel counts and file sizes are approximate.
  • Includes color and density corrections.
  • Basic dust-spotting is included in the scan charge.
  • First Cd no charge
  • Additional CD Copies +$5.00
  • Additional DVD copies +$10.00
  • Save as Tiffs + 15%
  • Art work quotes at $60.00 per hour
  • Files stored on our servers for 2 years