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Welcome to R&R Custom Color Lab! We are pleased you found us. We offer a wide-range of services that are sure to satisfy your photographic needs, whether you are a professional, a beginner, or anywhere in between. At R&R, you will enjoy the personalized attention that comes with counting each one of our customers as friends. Our dedicated employees strive to go above and beyond to give you the best experience possible. One of the advantages to being a smaller lab is that our customers get to know each one of us personally. There is always a face to the name, and if you call us, you know the person you are speaking to over the phone is the same one you met in the lab. We are always available to answer questions, offer ideas, and give advice when needed. Steve, Erin, Debbie, JJ and Lola look forward to meeting you!

We love having new customers come to visit! We hope that you will decide to stay for a long time.
Please accept our welcoming gift of one free 12×18 with your first order of $10.00 from our Premium site.
Enter newuser in the promocode box on the checkout page and you will see your discount. Please remember that newuser must be entered that way, no capitals and all one word.

Only our ROES site qualifies for the newuser discount.  Our Easy File Upload Service does not qualify.

Here are a few items to keep in mind when placing your first order.

Account Number   At the end of the order process ROES will ask you for an account name. Use your name there.
File naming is extremely important. Please do not use apostrophes, commas, slashes or ampersands in image file names or in your customer name and code.  These characters may cause your order to fail.  Please remember to use less than 17 letters in your file name, and keep in mind that the image name prints on the back of your prints.

What Kind of files can I send.
We only accept jpeg’s online. Please save your files in sRGB or Adobe RGB (1998). Save at a quality level of 8 or better. We prefer that you leave your files at the original file size but in some cases, where those files are much larger than what is being printed, ( i.e. Proof books and proofs), most people like to reduce their file sizes for quicker uploads.

Did you get my order?
My ROES order said “Sent. Thank you”, but I did not receive my email confirmation. Did you get my order? An e-mail confirmation should be sent out in minutes after we receive your order. If you didn’t, check with us to see if we did receive your order. If we did not, there are some reasons that we might not have received your order: First check that you entered your e-mail address correctly in the My Information window in ROES. Make sure that you did not use any commas or apostrophes in your “My Company” info. This can cause your order to fail. Make sure that there are no special characters in the file names. Make sure that you only send us JPEG files saved in RGB.

A complete ordering system you download with hundreds products, sizes and options.  Our ROES Software is a cross-platform software that will run on either a MAC or PC. It will recognize your OS and download the correct version for your computer. We have 2 versions of ROES, with both you can see your crops, quantities and prices before you send your order.

Premium ROES
Our most poplular service with professional color correction and all of our products.  Our recomended ordering method especially if you need need extra help or unsure of how your images will print.

Economy ROES
Economy is designed for both professional and advanced amateur photographers. This discounted service does not include  color correction. If you confident in your own color correction.  Economy printing is for you.  Calibrated monitors and test prints are encouraged.

Easy File Upload
Is our simpler ordering solution.  Easier, with no software to download but without extensive  features and options that our ROES  order entry software has.  Perfect when you need to send a few files.  We color correct your images and prices are based on our premium service. Does not qualify for our new user discount.

ROES Web Start Installation
ROES installs in Windows using a Microsoft Software Installer package, or .msi file. This is the standard from Microsoft for adding a program to Windows. The link to the file, launch.msi, appears on the default index.html page you receive when trying to order from a photo lab via ROES for the first time from a Windows system (XP or later supported). Clicking the link will bring up a prompt to download the launch.msi file (prompt will vary based on your browser):

Internet Explorer– bar should appear prompting to Run:
Chrome – file will download to lower left corner, click to execute it:
Firefox – Upon clicking Save File, Firefox will download it and prompt from the Downloads arrow at the upper right to let you know the file is available.
Double click on the file to run it: Once you execute the launch.msi file, regardless of the browser used, Windows will show a security prompt:
Click Run to begin the install. The setup screen will appear: Upon clicking Install, expect Windows Vista and higher to darken the screen for another security alert, this one from the User Account Control or UAC (this may take a few seconds to appear depending on your system and ongoing activity).
Click Allow to begin the install. Once complete, you will have a desktop icon created for your lab’s ROES and a prompt to end the installer and start up the program: Minimize any programs (browsers, Photoshop, etc.) and click Finish.
You will see download progress dialogs as the most current version of ROES is downloaded along with the needed engine (this may take a few minutes depending on network speed).
The final progress bars will show ROES reading your lab’s catalog of products, then after ‘Setting Up’ appears ROES will open for use.

Depending on set up, there may be fields in the center of the far right column for you to enter information. Once you have done so, click Login and the ordering pane, cart and uploads area should become available to view. The main window of the opening screen may show different products, specials being offered.

ROES Web Start Installation
ROES installation will vary based on your Apple OS X operating system version. OS X versions 10.10 Yosemite, 10.9 Mavericks and 10.8 Mountain Lion systems can use our native disk image (.dmg) install.
Click to download the file, launch.dmg, into your Downloads in the dock.
Click on it to view the disk image contents in a new window, then Double click on the .app file shown to begin the install. NOTE: You will receive a security message pop-up to trust the application to begin.
Please click OK/Allow on these to allow the needed permissions for the program.on the .app file shown to begin the install. An install guide can be found here. Once this initial download and install occurs, you should receive a desktop icon to access ROES in the future.